From Denmark With Love: A Comedy Mash-Up of Hamlet & Bond

Hamlet walks across the stage with a teapot. The actor is held in a James Bond style spotlight. He turns suddenly to face the audience and pours tea. The name is Ham – Hamlet. The parody mashup of James Bond and Hamlet takes off. Armed with an invisible sword made with twelfth century technology by Q, our Hammie, the hammy hero, seeks revenge — a dish best served shaken, not stirred. John J. King’s script is outrageous. It’s loaded with bad puns and rich language, throwing every Bond title into wonderful sentences that the actors mug expertly in delivery. Daniel Jones stars as both Hamlet and Claudius with wonderful imitations of Sean Connery and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The story more or less: The criminal mastermind Claudius Von Bjornborg has a sinister plot to take over all of Europe using poisoned milk. Hammy, Ophelia, Horatio and Q must deal with Hamlet’s mommy issues and help him win back the throne and stop Claudius’s evil plot or die trying.

Presented by Vaquero Playground and The Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
You can also check out From Denmark With Love – THE ALBUM, a compilation of ten Bond Theme Song mash-ups by Boston bands.

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