Jes is a nerd girl who needs constant validation. To this end, she invented White Light Tarot TM, a reiki-tarot deck that validates one’s concerns and helps balance one’s energy. It is available as an online app, a download for free, or as a book and tarot deck available for purchase from Amazon,Barnes & Nobles, and White Light Tarot’s website, as well as finer independent New Age purveyors. She is the web admin for the American Tarot Association and a few other places, and she is learning to blog and be socially mediaphoric. Mostly she is writing fiction as fast as she can. Jessica Fisher Willson is a writer, painter, Reiki healer, and web designer in and around Boston. She also serves as one of the Arts and Independent Music Editors and staff writers on Virago Magazine. If you have a story idea, give a shout.

She’s on: FBBloggerTumblrTwitter, and Good Reads