K. Flay Turns It Up To Eleven at The Nines Festival

K. Flay, The Nines Festival, Devens, MA, August 10, 2013
K. Flay, The Nines Festival, Devens, MA, August 10, 2013

K. Flay opened with “Hail Mary” on the Lucky Cat stage late Saturday afternoon at the Nines Festival in Devens, MA to a small but dedicated crowd. The new EP “What If It Is” was released a week ago, K. announced, drinking a Coors Light, and sporting a great cheesy black Call of the Wild tee with an airbrushed Jack London, black jeans and combat boots. K. stomped and pogoed through the first few songs, then stopped to check in with the audience, asking, “how you doin’ Devens Massachusetts?” A direct response was flung back “No one is fucking from Devens Massachusetts!” So she said, “Well how you doin’ wherever the fuck you’re from?” The audience roared with approval. As the set progressed, she got the crowd into a call and response with “Hell, Yeah” and demanded the audience “clap motherfuckers” going into a killer scat-rap with a heavy metal backing.

Noah was crushing it, scratching, and making magic with his Buddha encrusted laptop and turntables. He and K. Flay blew it apart dancing, hair flying to a looped background while Nick kicked it out on the kit. K. Flay confessed she wrote material when she was a bit stoned, and didn’t know if the audience could relate, but thought they might could for her intro to “Fvcking Crazy,” a song she wrote about trouble with commitment. “You know whether you’re going to continue with the relationship, you know about those, right?” she quipped, as the band laid down the beat. The trio ripped it up with a severe three person drum session with Nick on the kit, Noah on electronic drums and K. Flay on an electric blue Tom, playing the rim and the skins.

As a band, they hail from San Francisco, but K. Flay now lives in NYC. Wherever they’re from, they convey a raw urban vibe. Subjects range from rage about injustice and dating woes to eating disorders. K. Flay is fast and precise in her rapping which packs an emotional punch. She announced their finish would be “wild ass fucking songs,” which ended with “Sun Burn.” As the set ended, Noah shot K. Flay with a super soaker, then the two of them sprayed the audience “for your pleasure and enjoyment,” K. Flay said. They’re an incredible mix of headbanging hip-hop rap with raw metal energy reminiscent of MIA and worth a listen. Catch them on tour now with Icona Pop & Sirah supporting their new EP release “What If It Is.” They’ll be playing Boston at the Paradise September 19.

Get Ready for The Nines Festival in Devens, MA

The Nines Festival rocks Devens, MA - Saturday Aug. 10th, 2013
The Nines Festival rocks Devens, MA – Saturday Aug. 10th, 2013

Get ready to head to Devens, MA! The old army fort town will be the host of the first Nines Festival on Willard Field August 10th from 1-11PM. Parking is free, and kids under ten get in free, accompanied by an adult.

A collaborative effort by 3 River Arts and Great Northeast Productions, the Nines Festival promises a diverse line-up suitable for all ages including music, comedy, art installations and interactive exhibits of local, national and emerging artists. Food and crafts will be for sale on site.

Notable indie-rocker national acts like, Austin’s Explosions In the Sky touring with Nine Inch Nails, and Boston’s own Air Traffic Controller will be there, as well as Shuggie Otis the well known R&B guitarist. San Diego’s Delta Spirit will be mixing it up with their own brand of roots, blues and country, and DJ Kid Koala will create some unique sounds with his turntables. With three stages going, plus a comedy tent, there is sure to be something to suit everyone.

For more info about the event:
General ticket purchase: Ticketmaster, The Nines Festival or call 800-653-8000.
VIP ticket purchase: Gets you much swag and goodness, in fact you’ll be on cloud nine, for details scroll to the bottom of the page.