English Beat In Somerville, Wednesday, 10/16/13!! Buy Tickets Now!


The English Beat return to grace the stage at Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA this coming Wednesday October 16th. Come out and dance to the legendary Two-Tone Ska beat as Dave Wakeling, and Ranking Roger show off their manic struts.

A new release, “Specialized II – Beat Teenage Cancer” is scheduled to drop later this year with all proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. “Music has always had a healing aspect, and 2-Tone a bit more than most, as it was designed to bring people together,” says Wakeling. “These songs have been a big part of my life, and I am honoured that they could be of use to the Specialized project… a wonderful opportunity to assist a worthy cause, the Teenage Cancer Trust, and remember, when we help others, we help ourselves…one hand washes the other!”

“Specialized II” will include a re-recording of “Mirror In The Bathroom” and more than forty other Beat classics. Helping out are Hunt Emerson, creator of the iconic Beat girl logo, guitarists Dave Steele, Andy Cox, rhythm by Everett Morton on drums and Lionel Martin AKA “Saxa” adds that extra dash of cool on Sax.

Come out and dance the skank with the English Beat next Wednesday at Johnny D’s. Tickets still available.

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